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5 Incredible Things to See in Chilean Patagonia

Whether you’re an intrepid sightseer or a die-hard backpacker, Patagonia is on many travellers’ lists this year.

Patagonia is a region at the southern tip of South America, shared between Argentina and Chile. This sparsely populated region boasts stunning, stark landscapes that will take your breath away, trails with incredible vistas, and plenty of adventures along the way.

Paddle the Marble Caves

For the last 6,000 years, Patagonia’s Marble Caves have been forming. These caves were carved out by the ocean’s waves, creating stunning marbled tunnels above turquoise water. Take a boat from Puerto Rio Tranquilo, and kayak Chile’s Marble Caves. You can get a tour, or rent a kayak for $50 (you’ll need pesos for this, so be sure to purchase currency online before travelling. There are plenty of boat tours of the caves, but a kayak is the only way to explore their nooks and crannies.

Raft the Futaleufú

This rushing body of water, whose name means “big river” in the local language, is a world-class white-water rafting river. Cruise along the frigid blue water, passing stunning waterfalls along the way. Unless you’re an expert paddler, you’ll need a guide to help you navigate the winding river. There are group rafting tours that take you along different sections of the river, which range in level of difficulty.

Trek in Torres del Paine National Park

This national park is one of the places that put Patagonia on the map. The dramatic landscape and diverse, diverse vegetation, and proud peaks are just a few of the things that draw outdoorspeople to Torres del Paine.

Hike to the Grey Glacier and Lago de Grey for views vast fields of ice, or hike Mirador las Torres, one of the park’s most popular trails, for views of towering granite pillars. You won’t be short of photo opportunities in this beautiful region of Patagonia. Before you head to remote areas, ensure you have the necessary safety equipment, as well as cash for transportation, food, and any emergencies. The currency exchange rate varies across the country, so your best bet is to bring enough pesos with you.

Patagonia is a popular destination for adventurous travellers, but due to its remote location, lack of service, and distance from the U.S. and Europe, it hasn’t yet become saturated with tourists.

Before heading out on the big adventure purchase currency online, so you know you’ve got Chilean pesos ready to go. You may want to check the currency exchange rate for the Argentine peso, too, as you may cross the border to see the eastern side of Patagonia.


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