As the second largest country in the world by area, it’s impossible to see all – or even the majority – of Canada in a single trip. Don’t attempt a sea-to-sea vacation, but rather pick an area and take the time to enjoy it.

With the loonie – also known as the Canadian dollar – quite weak, the currency exchange rate is the U.S. traveler’s favor. Be sure to purchase foreign currency before heading north of the border.

For an authentic Canadian experience, rent a car take one of these road trips.

Vancouver to Tofino

This city-to-backwoods road trip takes you from Vancouver, an urban center full of hip, outdoors-loving people, to semi-remote Vancouver Island just off the coast. Take the ferry from the mainland to Nanaimo – be sure to keep your eyes peeled for whales, birds, and other wildlife. Hop on the Pacific Rim highway and head northwest to Tofino, a laid-back beach town with a permanent population of about 2,000. Here, you can hike, camp, surf, birdwatch – you name it.

Montreal & the Gaspé Peninsula

This might be the ultimate Quebec road trip. Start in the international city of Montreal, a bustling metropolis at the south end of Canada’s largest province. Be sure to brush up on your French, as there’s minimal English spoken in rural communities. Stop in the charming Eastern Townships two hours outside of the city, then continue on to Quebec City, the capital. Drive along the St. Lawrence River, where you’ll pass quaint towns, villages, and farmland. Be sure to spend some time in Tadoussac, one of the country’s best whale-watching areas.

The Island of Newfoundland

One of the few places in the world with a half-hour time zone, the island of Newfoundland is perhaps the most unique place in Canada. Miles of rocky coastline inhabited by fishermen, music, and hospitality, this province is worth a road trip on its own.

Start on the west coast of the island in Gros Morne National Park, where you can see international geological markers, hike to the top of an inland fjord, and taste moose meat. Drive up the coast to St. Anthony, a town with icebergs and Viking history. Make your way across the island to “town,” the capital of St. John’s. Here, you’ll find Irish pubs, music, and stunning views.

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