Traveling is one of the main reasons why people buy foreign currency, but many wait until right before they have to travel to purchase it when they can buy it online from their home and have it ready to go before their trip begins. Waiting until the last minute to buy foreign currency is a mistake, as you will end up having to spend much more money than you want, and you may not even be able to access a facility to exchange currency when you travel.

Don’t rely on banks overseas to buy foreign currency

Banks overseas will not necessarily give you a better rate than currency exchange services like XChange of America. Many banks are aware that they can charge excess fees for currency exchange because travelers have no other option. They may also tack on high service fees. Foreign banks also do not care if they lose your business because they know that you won’t be back to do business with them unless you are a regular traveler, so they are more likely to charge you an outrageous amount for basic currency exchange. At XChange of America we value our customers and reputation and never charge any service fees at all when you buy foreign currency.

Getting stuck without currency can be a nightmare

There are several nightmare scenarios when you are traveling and don’t have cash available because you didn’t buy foreign currency ahead of time. You may not be able to take a taxi or you might be late for an appointment because you don’t have foreign currency available. You may also have to pay for many restaurants and services in cash depending on the country, as some countries have limited access to debit and credit card machines. Also credit cards have started to tack on a fee for using them abroad, and this fee can add up quite quickly.

Plan ahead and reduce your stress level

Having everything ready to go for your trip can save you a ton of stress and make the whole experience much more relaxing. Whether you plan on traveling for business or pleasure, you will benefit when you buy foreign currency ahead of time from a service like XChange of America. Remember that we never charge you any service fees when you buy foreign currency from us, and our rates are competitive compared to most other providers. Contact us to get more information on our currency exchange service and how it can benefit you prior to your next trip.