If you buy foreign currency on a regular basis or travel to foreign countries, it pays to know a bit about how currency exchange rates work. For instance, the dollar regularly falls or gains against foreign currencies, and there are several factors that can influence this. If you travel to a foreign country, you cannot buy local goods with your country’s currency, which is why you need to buy foreign currency either before you travel or after you arrive at your destination. When you buy foreign currency the exchange rate is the amount of a foreign country’s currency that you can buy with a quantity of your own country’s currency.

An example of a currency exchange rate

For instance, if one U.S. dollar will buy you approximately 100 Japanese yen, the exchange rate is 1USD = 100JPY. The exchange rate that you get when you buy foreign currency is based on several factors including supply and demand, inflation, gross national product, foreign investment and other complicated influences. In general, the amount of a foreign current that you receive when you buy foreign currency is dependent on what the market is willing to pay for it that day. The exchange rate is one of the most important factors that determines how stable a country’s economy is.

Look up the exchange rate when you buy foreign currency

Before you buy foreign currency you should be sure to look up the exchange rate for that day, and you should know how much your currency is worth before you travel. Exchange rates are free floating which means that they constantly fluctuate against each other. A higher demand for a particular currency will cause the value or the price of the currency to increase, which means that you will be able to buy less of the currency with one unit of your own currency. If the value of the yen increases against the dollar for instance, the exchange rate may change to 1USD = 90JPY.

Consider currency exchange rates before you pick a country

Due to the fact that exchange rates fluctuate so much you may want to research which travel destinations will offer you the best exchange rate for your currency. For example, the dollar is currently high in value compared to the currency of several other countries such as Thailand, India, Costa Rica, Ecuador and others. These countries can be great destination choices as a result of this, because when you buy foreign currency with the dollar you will get a greater quantity of the country’s currency per dollar than other countries.