New Zealand might not be the very first vacation destination on your list, but for the adventure-seeking traveler, it’s definitely worth a visit. Hike, climb, paddle, and ski to your heart’s content on a trip to this island country.

Whatever you choose to do on your trip, you’ll need to get your hands on the New Zealand dollar before heading out. Buy currency online through our trusted online service, and pack your bags! These are some of the best New Zealand adventures for the active traveler:

Hike in Tongariro National Park

New Zealand is known for its exquisite – and remote – natural beauty. Dramatic fjords, turquoise waters, and barren mountains are just a few of the things that make hiking in New Zealand the ultimate adventure.

For a great day trip, Tongariro Alpine Crossing, a 12-mile trek that takes you to the set of Mordor, the realm of the villain wizard in the Lord of the Rings films. See Mount Doom (otherwise known as Mount Ngauruhoe) and the volcanic craters that Frodo and his company scramble across on their way to destroy the Ring.

Ride the Rapids in a Raft

If watersports are your thing, you’ll love the rush of zigzagging down rivers in a six-person raft. New Zealand is fortunate to have gentle rivers for first-timers, as well as high-adrenaline, level-fivers for experienced rafters.

River rafting is available all over the country, though some of the more popular spots are the Tongariro River, Rotorua, and Queenstown.

Spelunk in Extensive Cave Systems

Caving is an increasingly popular sport for outdoorspeople that like to discover something new. New Zealand has tons of caving opportunities for spelunkers from beginner to advanced. Go underground at the southern hemisphere’s deepest sinkhole near Nelson, or explore the Waitomo Caves, limestone caves famous for glow worms. If you’re new to caving, be sure to enjoy the subterranean world with an experienced guide.

Drive the Back Roads

While some like to go on foot, others prefer the comfort of a vehicle for a day of exploration. Because of New Zealand’s agricultural history, the country has miles of backroads to explore in an off-road vehicle, like a Land Rover or an ATV. Meander through farmland and forests following gravel roads, dirt paths, and sheep trails.

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