National Sales Director and independent currency specialist, Mark Rowlands reveals his tips to save cash on holiday money. He shares practical ways to stretch your hard earned cash.

Better things happen when you plan ahead. If you wait the last minute to purchase currency you may miss out on some good deals. There are some great deals that you can get online but you need to allow time for your payment to go through before your currency gets delivered at your doorstep.

Online Shopping
You can go from one Travel Agent to another or from one supermarket to another but why bother going out of the house when you can get better deals at the comfort of your home. Purchasing your currency online will save you time, and gas money and besides some of the best deals are in the internet.

Hidden Charges hiding behind “Free Delivery”
Believe it or not but sometimes “free” sometimes have a hidden “fee.” Really look into exactly how much you need to pay and how much currency you will be receiving. There’s really no point in saving five pounds in delivery if it will cost you twenty pounds worth of your currency.

Saturday Delivery good or bad?
More often than not, Saturday deliveries get an extra charge. If you’ll be at work during the delivery date of your currency you can arrange for it to be delivered at your workplace but make sure that you have a safe place to stash your travel money.

Pool your resources with family and friends
If you are traveling with other family members or friends then it’s better to pool your resources together and purchase your currency in bulk. This way you will have higher buying power. People are always happier to transact business with you if it involves bigger amounts.

Be a smart negotiator
If you were able to see a good deal online and was offered something unacceptable try to ask for a price match but if they can’t give you a better deal simply turn your back and walk away.