There are several places where you can buy currency, and the main reason why you might consider doing so is to avoid having to purchase it in a foreign country which can be quite expensive. If you have to buy currency and have at least a few days before your next trip overseas, you can purchase it from a currency exchange service such as XChange of America, and you will save a substantial amount of money compared to other services. If you choose to wait until you travel you may end up paying quite a bit more for currency exchange fees.

Don’t buy currency at the airport

One of the major problems that travelers face is the issue of having to purchase currency in a foreign country or in an airport. The spread that airports charge is substantially higher than XChange of America as well as many other currency exchange services because they know that travelers are desperate to get currency before they travel to another country and are willing to pay the extra fees for it. You can avoid this and save tens or even hundreds of dollars on commissions by using a service like XChange of America to buy your currency.

Don’t rely on ATM machines either

Don’t wait until you travel to buy currency and assume that you can use an ATM machine in the foreign country. There are some countries that don’t have easy access to ATMs, and the ones that do they have security risks. Some ATM hackers are able to clone your debit or credit card, since security in some foreign countries is lacking compared to the U.S. For instance, one World Cup traveler in Brazil recently had his debit card cloned and several thousands of dollars stolen after he used it in at ATM machine.

XChange of America lets you buy currency online

When you use XChange of America to buy currency you can purchase it online from the comfort of your home and have it shipped directly to you. You never have to visit any physical store location to pick your purchase up, and your currency can be shipped to you with several different options include expedited shipping if you are leaving soon. The convenience of being able to buy currency online is hard to match with other services, and XChange of America also never charges any service fees for currency exchange.